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We began protecting children and families through the collaborative effort of the Junior League of Ogden and Division of Child & Family Services in November, 1979. Our founders were just as passionate about preventing child abuse as we are now. These remarkable organizations saw the need for parenting education. They recognized the importance of parents needing a safe, nurturing place to bring their children when they were experiencing an emergency or needed a break.

We have been continually providing child abuse prevention and intervention services for over 40 years. The Family Support Center of Ogden has the longest continually running in-home parenting education program in the state of Utah. In 1991, we also began offering an in-home parenting education program for Spanish-speaking families. This was the first of its kind in Northern Utah.

We are a committed, community force, advocating for child abuse prevention and strengthening families. We are proactive by offering additional programs and services to meet the needs of families in our community.

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