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SafeCare is designed for parents and caregivers of children birth through five who are either at-risk for or have a history of child neglect and/or physical abuse. SafeCare focuses on three key outcomes that are  universally important for families: creating positive relationships between caregivers and their children,   ensuring homes are safe to reduce the risk of child unintentional injury, and keeping children as healthy as possible.


Families receive the following modules in an order that best meets their individual needs:

Parent-Child/Infant Interactionteaches parents/caregivers how to positively interact with their infant/child, and how to structure activities to engage their children and promote positive behavior

Health—teaches parents to identify childhood illnesses and injuries, and then follow a structured process to determine when and how to care for the child   

Home Safetyhelps parents/caregivers identify and eliminate common household hazards and teaches them about age-appropriate supervision

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